You Can’t do Better than That!

12. 06. 2022

You Can’t do Better than That!

Construction of the Babylonian lost city

My radar is constantly updated with reports about the incredible work of global kids as they gain knowledge and become more proficient in gaming interactions. This amazing platform is being used by many children, who are supported by their parents and peers. Teachers are also helping their students achieve amazing things.

Take a look at this amazing build in Minecraft- Babylon, a new world for our children's futures. Amazing does not just refer to building in a game environment. I mean literacy and communication, digital citizenship and story telling, and creativity and global cultures. It takes effort on the part of adults to nurture students in this way.

Minecraft education is a growing phenomenon. People are jumping onboard to see how they could integrate Minecraft into their learning cultures. Minecraft is becoming a minefield in the 'grown-up world', consultant warning. It is therefore crucial that we connect with quality users who have a solid understanding of best practices in Minecraft and not with consultants.

Project Mist

This year's Minecraft experience was amazing. The teamwork, the efforts, and the creativity I witnessed were truly remarkable. I was able to meet other kids with the same interests as me and made friendships throughout the year. The best part was cooperating. When there were large mobs and high deaths, we took shelter and shared our supplies. It was always a pleasure to help someone build or create something. I have also learned more about how important it is to present myself online and how I present myself. Your first impression is everything. If you act like a tool on the Internet, people will see you once and say something like "Wow, that person looks stupid and rude." And that would be their last visit to your page/ sever/ profile.

I recently followed Donelle's tweets to see her thoughts on the launch of #ProjectMIST in 2014.

#ProjectMIST 2014 is about to begin, but it takes a dedicated group to do this! #minecraft @natbott42

- Donelle Batty (@dbatty1) March 21, 2014

She reminded us that Minecraft is a collaborative experience and the different stages of learning required to gain Minecraft experience. Donelle is a leader in the world and will be traveling to Tasmania as a Hardie Fellow (Info re Hardie Fellowship recipients 2013-14).

Donelle also reminded of Jo Kay's amazing work, who I have worked closely with over the years on many projects. Jo currently supports and builds our work in the Master of Education, Knowledge Networks and Digital Innovation degree here at CSU. We don't use the standard LMS but have created our own system for the degree.

Donelle also explains

ProjectMIST is very fortunate to have one person who has been there for us since the beginning and is always there, even at 12:00 AM. Jo Kay is there to support the students when I'm not. Students appreciate her support and have built replicas of her avatars on their own servers. One young man did this the other night after he locked himself out of his server. This student was accepted into Massively @ Jokaydia Minecraft Guild. He is excited to learn, build, and explore with other players from all over the world.