Minecraft servers – how to find and join a server

12. 21. 2022

Minecraft servers – how to find and join a server

Minecraft is a complex game. Minecraft servers can add complexity to an already complicated game. Once you are comfortable with them, you'll find that they can be a fun way to play with your friends, participate in large multiplayer games, or simply create a place for you and your friends to return to. Servers really are a wonderful part of Minecraft.

This guide will show you how to create and use Minecraft servers on your Nintendo Switch. It also explains what they are for and some great examples of servers that you can join. This is a great way to play the game with other Minecraft enthusiasts and get the most out this massive game has to offer.

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What are Minecraft servers?

Private or corporate Minecraft servers host different types and kinds of games. You can also access the best Minecraft games by joining a customized server. These games are available on all versions of Minecraft Bedrock (not Minecraft For Nintendo Switch) as long as the software has been updated.

What Minecraft servers should you join?

In our guide to the best Minecraft game servers, we have already mentioned a few of them. Our sister site PCGamesN also has a great guide to the 15 best Minecraft server servers. We recommend that you also check out the popular Minecraft servers Purple Prison Complex, Complex, Immortal and Jartex Network.

We hope that this Minecraft servers guide will help you navigate the maze of Minecraft servers. And hopefully you'll find some new and exciting games along the way. Check out our guide on Minecraft skins to make sure you are playing Minecraft in style.