Minecraft Redstone Sure is Full of Radioactive...

12. 25. 2022

Minecraft Redstone Sure is Full of Radioactive...

Redstone block in Minecraft, along with all the associated devices, is one of the most fascinating parts of the sandbox game. It's possible to create anything, from MS Paint to Ghostbusters theme songs, provided you know how.

It's not a power source, but there is no logic to it. Although it may seem like it has the same quality as batteries, it is an infinite power source without logic. It turns out that Minecraft: Education Edition actually gives clues to its secrets if you know how.

Reddit user whose name we cannot in good conscience give, posted an image of the educational version of Reddit showing the components of Redstone. This is due to the Material Reducer, which reveals what elements make up each item and teaches kids about chemistry.

Redstone is actually made up of 31 units Carbon, which is fine. Then there are 31 units Uranium which is very dangerous and 38 units of some unknown element, which is frightening. Uranium is an interesting element. It has the highest atomic weight among naturally occurring elements. However, it is also radioactive, which is something you will likely be aware of as dangerous.

Redstone also contains more than a third unknown elements. Mojang could be trying to stop people from trying to recreate it in real-life, but someone has already done that. However, it could also mean that Mojang is aware of elements scientists don't know about. We won't worry about it.

Take a look at these Minecraft builds to help you get your mind off the grind. They aren't radioactive. We don't believe they are.