Minecraft Anvil Recipe

01. 04. 2023

Minecraft Anvil Recipe

Are you looking for a Minecraft anvil recipe. How to use this handy block. An anvil is a useful tool in Minecraft. It can be used to repair, rename, and combine enchanted objects.

An anvil is similar in appearance to a grinding stone, but any items that are used on the Minecraft anvil will retain their enchantments. An anvil can be damaged over time. It has a 12% chance to be damaged every time it is used. This doesn't affect its function but will eventually cause it to become useless. Anvils cannot be repaired so make sure you have the Minecraft anvil recipe handy. An anvil can also be destroyed by falling. If an air block falls below an anvil it becomes a falling onevil and damages players and mobs it falls onto. It behaves in the same way as falling concrete powder, sand gravel, and dragon eggs.

You can also mine for anvils using a pickaxe.

Minecraft anvil recipe

- Block of Iron 3
- Iron Ingot x4

Place the following blocks of iron on the crafting grid: three blocks of steel in the top row, one ingot in middle square and three iron ingot blocks in the bottom row.

How to repair Minecraft items with an Anvil

Anvils have the advantage that if you sacrifice an item to repair damaged items, all enchantments transferred from the sacrificed item. It's pretty neat. This can create enchantment combinations you can't always make using an enchantment tablet. Transferring higher-level enchantments will incur a higher cost. It's also worth noting the anvil's limit of 39 levels. The anvil will refuse to repair any damage beyond that.

How to rename items in Minecraft anvil

Mobs - Renaming name tags allows you to use them in Minecraft mobs
Weapons: Weapons renamed to kill another player cause the name of the victim to appear in the death message
Spawn egg: A mob is created when a spawn eggs is renamed.

Here it is, the Minecraft anvil recipe with all its functions. If you want to build your own Minecraft house, you can also find anvils that have been damaged in the forge room at a woodland mansion.

Minecraft falling anvils

You can also create an anvil-based, err, 'harvesting' device to instantly kill any mobs placed on your Minecraft farm. This will save you a lot of hassle. Simply create a tall chamber and drop all mob-spawning egg you want in it. Then, chuck an anvil into it. Squish and then delish.

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