Mind-Boggling Minecraft Statistics

01. 14. 2023

Mind-Boggling Minecraft Statistics

Millions were drawn to the simple and easy-to-use virtual block building process. The Lego obsession reached new heights.

This sandbox multiplayer building game is without a doubt one of the most popular video games ever.

Is Minecraft still popular?


We at Web Tribunal decided that we would dig into the most recent Minecraft statistics.

Here's an example:

Amazing Minecraft Stats

1. There are 126,000,000 active Minecraft players.

Minecraft stats for 2018 showed that there were 91,000,000 active Minecraft players monthly at that time.

How many people are playing Minecraft right this moment?

Helen Chiang, Microsoft's Head of Marketing, told Business Insider that Minecraft saw 112 million active users per month in September. This is a 20 million increase over the October 2018 figures.

The number of Minecraft players in 2022 is currently at 141 million.

2. Minecraft sales exceeded 600 million copies. 400 million of these were Minecraft Chinese Edition.

How many people created Minecraft?

Mojang Studios has now hired 494 employees to help grow what started as a single-person project.

Here's why:

Minecraft was the most played video game ever, with 180 million copies sold in November 2019.

Minecraft statistics show that the number of copies sold has increased by 24 million since then. Over 400 million copies of Minecraft were sold in China as of May 2020. There are also 200 million Minecraft units sold around the world. This makes it one of the most popular games right now.


The game was sold for around 50 million dollars when Microsoft bought it back in 2014.

It's not surprising that Minecraft hours are most played in China, where players reportedly spend more than five hours per day playing the game.

3. In January 2021, 68% of Minecraft gamers used PlayStation 4.

According to Minecraft stats for PS4, 68% of Minecraft players choose PlayStation 4 as their preferred platform. That's 51.5 million more than the current Minecraft stats.

28%, or 21,5 millions players, prefer PlayStation 3, while PlayStation Vita is preferred by only 4% or 3.25 million players.

4. PS4 is used by up to 94% of new players, and 95% of trophy winners.

Statistics for Minecraft players show that 93% of them or 650,000 play PlayStation 4. Next, 6% of 43,000 users use PlayStation 3. A mere 0.7% or 5,300 prefer PlayStation Vita.

What's more:

Statistics on Minecraft players reveal that 94% of them, or 2.3 million, use PlayStation 4. Only 5% use PlayStation 3. Only 0.5% opt for PlayStation Vita.

Minecraft Demographics

5. The average Minecraft player, a male of 24 years old, is a gamer.

Despite Minecraft's popularity with children, the average Minecraft user is a man in his 20s. This means that Minecraft's player base includes a significant number of adults as well as the youngest.

6. Minecraft is played by up to 54% of boys ages 3-12, compared to 32% for girls.

Minecraft's gender neutrality is a myth, as the figures clearly show that Minecraft is more popular with boys than with girls.

Moreover, Minecraft is played by up to 53% of children 6-8 years old, and 68% of 9-12-year-olds are active gamers. Half of those children report playing more than once per week.

This disparity is even more evident in the next age bracket where 68% of boys aged 6-8 participate, compared to 29% for girls.

7. According to MC statistics, Minecraft is the favorite game of 22% of British boys.

According to data from the UK and Sweden, Minecraft users aged 15 and older are slightly more likely than girls to play Minecraft.

Up to 24% of Swedish children are avid gamers (27% of boys, 20% of girls), and 6% of Swedish children reported playing the game every week.

8. Only 11% parents play Minecraft together with their children.

Games don't have to be a solo activity.

And Minecraft are great examples:

80% of children enjoy playing online with their siblings, friends, and family members. This is the preferred way to play than playing alone.

However, the number parents who are co-players is extremely low at just 11%.

9. YouTube Minecraft-related videos are viewed by up to 32% of boys.

Gender gap is most evident in game-related content consumption. Nearly one-third of boys watched Minecraft Youtube videos, while only 9% of girls did.

YouTube videos of Minecraft have been viewed over 100.2 billion times.

Minecraft Server Stats

10. Minecraft statistics show that the US hosts the largest number of Minecraft servers.

We can also study the Minecraft player base using server numbers.

Here's the scoop on

36% of servers are in the US, while 20.7% are in the UK and 11.4% in Germany. France and Russia have 6.1% and 4.4% respectively.

The number and location of Minecraft servers in each country:

- US - 3748 - UK – 2137
- Germany - 1180
627 - Russia
France - 459
Ukraine - 382
- Canada - 343
- Italy - 213
- Netherlands - 113.
India - 96
- Denmark - 91
- Czech Republic - 78
Austria - 59
- Australia - 55
- Romania - 54
- Serbia - 34
- Sweden - 33
- Taiwan - 28
Norway - 23
- Switzerland - 19
- Greece, Turkey & Belgium - 18
- Finland - 17
- Slovakia - 15
- Lithuania - 14
- Hungary - 13
- Brazil, Hong Kong & Belarus - 12
- Estonia, Latvia - 9
- Ireland, South Korea, Singapore - 7
- Portugal, Argentina, Uzbekistan & Saudi Arabia - 6
- Philippines, Israel, South Africa & Slovenia - 5

All countries have fewer servers than .

11. In September 2021, the daily playing audience surpassed 200,000 players.

According to Minecraft statistics, there are just over 200,000 unique players playing the game each day. This is almost twice the number of players that were there last year.

The Minecraft live player count tool allows you to track how many people are playing Minecraft at any given moment.

12. Iceland loves Minecraft more than any other country.

Minecraft facts show that the game is very popular in the following countries.

Iceland is home to building blocks, and is the most popular country in Minecraft. It has a global share of 0.04%.

Next is Ireland, where Minecraft is 1.7x more popular than other countries. Minecraft is 1.5 times more popular in Finland and Kuwait than anywhere else. Norway is fifth with a figure of 1.4 times.

13. Americans are the most active Minecraft users, with 21.21% of daily use recorded in the US.

Minecraft users in the US spend the most time on the platforms.

The following countries have the most active Minecraft players on a daily base:

- US - 21.21%
- Brazil - 6.17%
Russia - 5.59%
- UK - 5.06%
- Germany - 4.6%

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There are so many servers and players around the world that you might be asking:

How much has Minecraft made?

This is what we're going next.

Minecraft Market Share

14. In 2018, Minecraft mobile earned $110 million

Market analysis firm Sensor Tower reports that mobile sales reached $110 million in 2018. It's no surprise that Minecraft players have surpassed 100 million by this time. This version has earned an incredible $500 million in total since 2014.

In 2019, 30 million copies of were also sold on PC.

15. Minecraft is the most popular game in North America with a 40% regional share.

How popular Minecraft is in different parts of the world?

Here's the complete regional share:

- North America - 40%
33% - Western and Northern Europe
- Central and South America – 8%
Asia - 7%
- Middle East - 5 %
- Eastern and Southern Europe – 4%
- Australia and New Zealand * 3 %
- South Africa - 0.3%

16. Minecraft's 2020 growth is estimated to be around 25%

Old users are discovering the game again, and new users are falling in love. It's not surprising that Minecraft's annual growth is expected to reach 25% in 2020, with an estimated $600 million.

The truth is:

October 2020 will see 2,4 million players returning (players who have won at least one trophy in the previous month).

But that's not all

Up to 87%, or 62.1 million gamers, have won at least one trophy in their gaming experience.

In Conclusion

Minecraft's popularity is not likely to decrease as the number of players keeps growing.

The key takeaway:

Statistics from Minecraft show that COVID-19 lockdowns have led to a growth in the number of users. As people become more social, they spend more time online. Minecraft is a social game that can be played with others, making it a great getaway in 2022.