How to Tame a Fox in Minecraft

01. 28. 2023

How to Tame a Fox in Minecraft

You can bring a furry friend along to your Minecraft adventures by learning how to tame the fox. If you have enough trust with them, they can sometimes help you fight off attackers and bring you items. Once they are tamed, you have the option to breed them so that you can add more to your animal family. We have all the details you need to find and tame a Minecraft Fox.

Where can I find a Fox?

You can find foxes in taiga biomes at nights, often because they love nesting in leafy trees. Foxes can be found in the following taiga Biomes: giant tree taiga and snow taiga. If you have taiga villages nearby, you can also find them. There is a small chance that foxes may spawn as cubs. If you live in a snow-taiga biome, the foxes will have white tails and be a classic russet color.

How to control a fox in Minecraft

You've found a fox and it keeps scampering away from your. You will have to sneak up on them, just like other skittish creatures in Minecraft. You can bridge the gap between humans and foxkind by having some Minecraft Glow Berries, or Sweet Berries. These berries are a favorite of foxes, so make sure to have a few before you approach them and start interacting with them. They will be able to see little hearts rising from the sky as a sign that they have received your gift.

After you've done this enough, we found that four or more servings of Glow Berries and Sweet Berries were enough to make the happy critter a friend. Two foxes can be tamed together if they are fed Berries in close proximity. Foxes who trust you will occasionally bring you items they find in their mouths. We received mostly feathers but we are sure they could fetch other cool items.

Minecraft bred foxes are automatically tamed

To tame an army foxes in Minecraft would be a bit like throwing Glow Berries or Sweet Berries into a vacuum animal-shaped. However, there is one simple saving: any fox cub that's the result of two tamed Foxes will automatically become tame. That's right.

The Berries can only be used on the original breeding pair of Foxes. Once that's done, the offspring will be tamed and warm to you. We noticed that they were quick enough to run away when the sun rose so it's worth fencing them in if you have a large fox pack. Fox cubs will stay close to their parents and not follow the player around. This means that you don't have worry about them getting a hanger-on while your hammering enemies. Foxes who trust enough will harm your enemies, but we'd prefer to keep cubs out.

Now that you have a better understanding of how to tame Minecraft's foxes, it's time to go out into the biomes and pick up some loyal pets. You will need Berries, patience, supplies, and some supplies to go out at night and search for furry, soon-to be friends.