Coding for kids and teens made easy

01. 29. 2023

Coding for kids and teens made easy

Learning to code is easier than ever with so many great services! Scratch and Tynker, for example, offer innovative visual coding languages that make programming fun. Coding is a great way for your child to expand their worldview and improve their creativity, problem-solving skills, and critical thinking. Here are some options to look at:

Game-based learning – Game-based platforms like Tynker or the challenges encourage kids to use code in order to complete game levels.

Independent learning with Scratch – Scratch from MIT can be a great way to get started with code. They don't offer courses but there is a vibrant community of people to learn from.

Online courses – Register for a Python or JavaScript course at Codecademy or Tynker, or learn to code with Processing at Khan Academy. Tynker offers advanced courses such as Processing 1 using p5.js, to introduce the fundamental concepts of art and computing science.

Swift is the best language to learn how to create an iOS app. These Swift resources can be used to build your app.

Use a book – Follow along with books such as Mission Python, Super Scratch Programming Adventure or Coding With Minecraft to learn. Three super-informative Coding eBooks by Tynker include Code These Games, and Code This Art.